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Lutheranism's historical path can be traced down two main forks in the road:

The undivided universal Church, as instituted by Jesus, underwent a split during which Western and Eastern Christianity divided. This is called the "Great Schism." Within the Western faction, Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism proved dogmatically irreconcilable. The two Churches remain distinct.

Martin Luther is the 16th century German priestmonk and theologian who is the namesake of the Lutheran Church. So, the simplistic answer is: Lutheranism originated in Germany in the 1500's.

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Lutheranism originated in Saxony, Germany and spread very rapidly.

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Q: Lutheranism created by Martin Luther originated in what part of Europe?
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How do you use Lutheranism in a sentence?

Lutheranism is a branch of Protestant Christianity that follows the teachings of Martin Luther.

Who made Lutheranism?

Martin Luther

Did queen elizabeth like martin luther?

Martin Luther was a clergyman in the 1500s who created Lutheranism when he deeply disagreed with the greedy and immoral practices he saw going on within the Catholic church. Queen Elizabeth I was not particularly fond of Luther, since she thought Lutheranism was an extreme form of Protestantism.

What does Lutheranism?

A "Lutheran" is a follower of Martin Luther

Who created lutheranism?

Martin Luther, he lived from November 1483 until February 1546. He was a German monk, and is referred to as the "Father of Protestantism".

What was Luther's religion called?

Luther's religion was a form of Christian Roman Catholicism that had distinct changes, like not having a Pope. This religion was generally known as protestantism. A mainstream religion call Lutheranism was created in Luther's name.

What did Martin Luther believed primarily in three tenets of Lutheranism?


What new form of Christianity did Martin Luther and his followers start?

Martin Luther and his followers started Lutheranism.

How did people react with the new religion Lutheranism?

Lutheranism gained support, especially among middle class people in German-speaking cities. Church authorities responded to Lutheranism by excommunicating Martin Luther.

Who started lutheranism by posting their criticisms of the roman catholic church?

Martin Luther

Who started lutheranism by posting your criticisms of the roman Catholic church?

martin luther.

What happened to Luther after he was declared an outlaw in Germany?

Luther was then popularized and his ideas were spreading quickly. Lutheranism developed, which was his theses in the movement of Reformation.