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He was the elector of Saxony. In Wittenberg he founded ( the university where Martin Luther and Melanchthon taught. Frederick protected Luther from the pope and the emperor, and took him into custody after the Diet of Worms (1521), which put Luther under the imperial ban. Frederick, gradually inclined toward the doctrines of the Reformation.

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he isn't. except teachers think he is.

At least one non-educator begs to differ. As King of Prussia, Frederick the Great (Friederich der Grosse) did not get the "great" added to his name for nothing. In addition to his amazing exploits on the battlefields of Europe, and conquering a sizable amount of territory whilst fighting the Austrians, French, Russians and Poles, Frederick was instrumental in establishing Prussia, and thus the subsequent Germany, as a European and subsequent world super-power. He established one of the first public education systems in the world, cleverly inviting hundreds of Jesuit educators to Prussia, who had been excommunicated by the Vatican and displaced by Catholic monarchs throughout Europe, like Maria Theresa of Austria. His relationships with the great thinkers of the day, like Voltaire, elevated the discourse, philosophies and general intellect of many Prussians/Germans, who may have been otherwise inclined to grow potatoes and continue fighting senseless battles between small Duchies and Principalities forever.

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Frederick the Wise kidnapped Martin Luther after he left the Diet of Worms. Frederick took Luther to his castle where he,Luther, translated The Bible into German so the people could read and interpret its messages themselves.This was so the word of God couldn't be manipulated by the priests.

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Q: Who was Frederick the Wise What did he do?
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Who protected Luther and why?

Frederick the Wise

What was the name of Luther's protector?

Frederick the Wise was the protector of Martin Luther.

Why did Frederick III protect Martin Luther?

I believe partly because Luther was appointed by Frederick III to the University of Wittenberg. Frederick was also rumored to be a Reformation sympathizer and was known as Frederick "the wise" for his lack of corruption and justice for the people.

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Why did Frederick the wise not turn Luther over to the pope?

Frederick the Wise was a bit sympathetic to Luther's theology, but the bigger reason for his actions were the political repercussions of his teachings. In the 1500s Germany was not united as a country. Rather, there were many small kingdoms all in a very weak confederation called the Holy Roman Empire. At the time, anyone who was Christian was Roman Catholic and the pope was the head of the church, and therefore he had control over peoples' salvation, which would be more important to them than their allegiance to a king. By supporting Luther, Frederick the Wise was able to cut off the influence of the pope and establish more power for himself.

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