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I've never used a Mac, but I've heard that people who use them like them. I think Mac has about a 10% share of the computer market. Mac makes it's own software and hardware. I guess there can be compatability issues when sharing files from Mac to PC. With PC, there are thousands of software makers who make programs that are compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system so there is much more available/ compatible.

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Clario Tech Limited the UK-based company present product MacKeeper, an award-winning system utility which includes a set of powerful maintenance features for Mac Optimization, Security, Data Control and Cleaning. So it is like 911 for your Mac.

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Q: Mac or PC is better for professional users Why?
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How many PC users are there?

Mac is better THAN PC but i think cyberpower pc are the same thing as mac! ok macs have 23 persentt and pc has 88 and the rest is linx and what ever else is out there

Why PC is better than a Mac computer?

PC in not better than Mac

What was better PC or Mac?


Am I better off to buy a Mac or a PC?

The PC is typically the more popular option next to a MAC, as well as the software it offers. MAC users are typically businesses where as more home-based computers are PCs. So if you are needing a computer for your workplace a MAC would be the way to go, if for use at home, as PC would be a great fit.

Better hack with PC or MAC?

Creepy doll runs better on a mac

What are the advantages of using apple mac instead of PC?

Everything. I have both Mac and PC and my mac is far better and cheaper than the PC.

What is better Mac or PC for business?

Definetly, ABOLUTELY Mac

How does the Mac operating system compare to PC?

Choosing between a Mac operating system and a PC is a matter of personal preference. Mac users often boast faster speeds and less chance of getting viruses. PC users prefer the lower prices and more readily available products.

WHich is the better laptop the Mac or PC?

(My personal opinion) is PC!

How do you know if you are a Mac or a PC?

1. Do you own(use) a Mac or PC? 2. What do you think works better?

What is a better computer for graphic design a mac or PC?

The PC is better for graphic design because it has more capabilities and software for it than the Mac has.

Are Mac's better than PC for livestreaming to Twitch?

A Mac has the potential for being a better machine than a PC for liverstreaming to Twitch. This will depend greatly on the hardware that is actually located inside of either the Mac or the PC.