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Q: Who is the leader of the PC political partie?
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What is a CDP in a restaurant kitchen?

That means Chef de partie, or a team leader in the kitchen

What is a non political leader?

a non political leader is someone that is in politics and is not a leader

How do you say part one in French?

part one is translated "première partie" in French

Who was a political leader and a minister?

the political leader and the minister was Moussa Traore

What is the plural of Chef de partie?

A chef de partie is a staition chef in charge of particular area of production.

What does Part 2 mean in French?

in French Part 2 is spelles "deuxième partie"

Who was the political leader of the Nazis?

Adolf Hitler is the main political leader of the nazis

What is the murdering of a government or political leader?

Assassination is the murdering of a government or political leader.

Is Julia gillard a political leader?

Yes. As Australia's prime minister, she is a political leader.

When was Douglas Partie born?

Douglas Partie was born on 1961-10-21.

When was Partie Traumatic created?

Partie Traumatic was created on 2008-07-07.

When was Robert Aske - political leader - born?

Robert Aske - political leader - was born in 1500.