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all i know is that the leader was called the cacique

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Q: What was the political organization of the tainos?
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Describe four ways in which the political organisation of the tainos were different from the caribs?

The Tainos were a more settled, agricultural society with hierarchical chiefdoms, while the Caribs were semi-nomadic and organized in smaller autonomous villages. Taino political structure was more centralized and led by a cacique (chief), whereas Carib societies were more egalitarian and decentralized. Taino society was more focused on trade and diplomacy, while Caribs were known for their warfare and resistance against colonization. Taino political organization centered around ceremonial ball courts and alliances through intermarriage, while Carib society was characterized by matrilineal descent and less emphasis on political centralization.

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What was the tainos occupation?

The tainos occupations were fishermen,craftsmen and hunters

What did tainos do for a living?

the tainos fished farmed and hunted for a living

How did tainos worship?

tell me this answer why the tainos worship an sky and an earth