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Q: Where did the tainos came from?
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When did the tainos come to Jamaica?

650 - 900 AD

Which set of people came to the Caribbean in 1492?


What happen when Christopher Columbus came to the Tainos land?

i'm not sure they came from native american and start the wairs

Who are the tainos?

The Tainos are People who came from South America and settled at certain location as: Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago Hispaniola The Spanish Lead by Christopher Columbus soon lead a ship to the Caribbean. They thought the reached to India so they called the them Indians.

What slave work did the tainos do?

The Tainos were forced to work on Spanish plantations in the Caribbean, primarily in agriculture such as growing crops like sugarcane, cassava, and tobacco. They were also made to work in mines and as laborers in construction projects for the Spanish colonizers.

What was the tainos occupation?

The tainos occupations were fishermen,craftsmen and hunters

What did tainos do for a living?

the tainos fished farmed and hunted for a living

How did tainos worship?

tell me this answer why the tainos worship an sky and an earth

What did Tainos do?

tell me this answer why the tainos worship an sky and an earth

On what occasions did Tainos celebrate?

The most popular festival that was held by the Tainos people was called Zemes. Tainos are known for being the people who were indigenous to Jamaicas and The Bahamas.

What is the Tainos' chief called?

What is the tainos chief called

What economic activities did the tainos do to earn money?

what are the economics organization for the tainos