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human nature was self-centered

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Q: Machiavelli encouraged rulers and would-be rulers to believe what?
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Machiavelli encouraged rulers and would be rulers to believe that?

Machiavelli encouraged rulers and would-be rulers to believe that it is better to be feared than loved in order to maintain power. He argued that a ruler must prioritize practical concerns and be willing to use whatever means necessary to achieve and maintain control over their state.

Does Machiavelli believe that the ends justify the means?

Yes, Machiavelli believed that the ends justified the means, especially in politics. He argued that rulers should do whatever is necessary to maintain power and stability, even if it means using deceit or force.

What recommendation does Niccolo Machiavelli make to rulers from his country?

Niccolo Machiavelli's recommendation to rulers is to prioritize maintaining power and stability above all else, even if it means resorting to cunning, subterfuge, and ruthlessness. He advises rulers to be pragmatic and flexible in their decision-making, willing to adapt to circumstances in order to protect their rule.

How did Machiavelli rule his people?

Machiavelli did not rule, he wrote a book called "Il Principe" or "The Prince" that was meant to be a guide for rulers. Machiavelli was a diplomat, civil servant, writer, and philosopher.

Rulers who went back on their word or rulers who take complete power and use it in a harsh way?

There were a couple rulers that have went back on their word. Some of the known rulers were Tyrant and Machiavelli.

Who is was the writer that urged that rulers should pursue only power and success?

Niccolo Machiavelli

Who argued that rulers needed absolute power to establish order?

Machiavelli. Source: The Prince

Who are the rulers who encouraged afforestation?

ashoka and many rules in karnataka

What famous queen associated with Aeneas is quoted by Machiavelli?

The famous queen associated with Aeneas and quoted by Machiavelli is Dido, the Queen of Carthage. Machiavelli refers to her in "The Prince" to provide an example of rulers who prioritize virtue and generosity over cunning and deceit.

What influential advice did Machiavelli give to kings during the Renaissance?

Machiavelli advised kings to prioritize their own self-preservation and the stability of their rule above all else. He suggested that rulers should be both feared and loved, but if they had to choose, it is better to be feared. Machiavelli believed that successful rulers should be flexible in their methods and willing to act immorally if it served the interests of the state.

Where does Machiavelli say Someday my Prince will come?

Machiavelli never wrote the phrase "Someday my Prince will come." This quote actually comes from the Disney movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Machiavelli's most famous work is "The Prince," in which he discusses political strategies for rulers.

What was the main subject of Niccolo Machiavelli's book the prince?

The main subject of Niccolo Machiavelli's book "The Prince" is political theory and advice for rulers on how to maintain power and govern effectively. Machiavelli emphasizes the use of deceit, manipulation, and ruthlessness when necessary to achieve political goals.