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They would mostly manufacture goods. Farming is practiced less often than most livings. Lumbering is a business leading to shipbuilding which led to fishing. New England is packed with many occupations and small businesses. A lot of these occupations are trades.

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farming and selling things that they made! I looked it up in my social studies book at school during a lesson so it has to be right!.....(i rock!) (-=

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at sea

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Q: Many New Englanders made a living?
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Why didn't new englanders farm for a living?

The geography and climate of New England was not fit to farm many crops, like the South was. New Englanders depended on shipping and manufacturing, which made them industrialize after the Industrial Revolution.

Why did many New Englanders make a living at sea?

Many New Englanders made a living at sea due to the region's geographical location and natural resources. With abundant coastline and access to the Atlantic Ocean, fishing and whaling industries thrived. Additionally, trading and maritime commerce were important economic activities, leading to opportunities for seafaring occupations.

What do you call someone from New England?

New Englanders.

People who live in New England area?

New Englanders

What were the working conditions like in a new England factory?

the conditions were terrible many englanders wanted freedom but then the speech that jacjon made overcame the fear of factories of little kids

What product did New Englanders export as part of the triangular trade?

New Englanders exported Tobacco as part as the triangular trade.

What religion were most New Englanders?

Protestant Christian

Most new englanders lived near these?


What were the New Englanders known as?

Green Mountain Boys

A french fortress captured by new englanders?

Nova Scotia

What was a french fortress captured by new englanders?

deere Massuschetts

Why did many rural new englanders hate the idea of America becoming an industrial nation?

New Englanders have always loved nature in the olden days and today. New Englanders feel they are more likely to make money by growing their own produce. They don't like skyscrapers. Even in Boston many of the buildings are small, in addition Boston grows much of it's produce. Not to say New England is stuck in the past. New Englanders are very advanced, but prefer their historical culture instead of industry like China. New England also makes Lot's of money growing produce, and preserving their natural landscape. Other areas in the USA could be like New England. Many areas including the southeastern/western USA have become more reliable on other none green jobs, which don't make as much money as New England. By the way I'm not a hippie. New Englanders also get Lot's of money through fishing, education, and medical surfaces.