Mass production resulted in

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Reduced prices of goods.

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Q: Mass production resulted in
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How did mass production affect industrialization?

Mass production is a by-product of industrialization. Inventions that were part of the Industrial Revolution resulted in mass production.

How was the railroad industry affected by mass production?

increased factory production resulted in a growing to transport more goods

What were the effects of mass production?

One effect was the division/specialization of labor. So whereas once one person would create a product from start to finish, mass production resulted in many workers each building one part of a product.

Centralization in manufacturing resulted in what?

increased production

Industrialization in the textile industry resulted in?

Increased efficiency, lower production costs, and mass production of textiles.

What method did Henry Ford pioneer that resulted in a new less expensive way to manufacture cars?

The method that Henry Ford pioneered, that resulted in a new and less expensive way to manufacture cars, is mass production by means of an assembly line technique.

Farm mechanization resulted in?

an increase in farm production

Word for Manufacturing of large amount of goods?

mass-production mass-production

When was Sounds of Mass Production created?

Sounds of Mass Production was created in 1992.

Gears are produced in mass production by?

gears are best produced in mass production by

How is mass production an unmixed blessing?

mass production is not an unmixed blessing discuss

What are two disadvantages of mass production?

Mass production is: - Inflexible - Limits the design of products