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Q: Means the freedom of the government to rule its own people?
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What type of government means rule by the people?


What does prefix -cracy mean?

The prefix -cracy typically indicates a form of government or rule by a specific group or class of people. For example, democracy means rule by the people, aristocracy means rule by the noble class, and bureaucracy means rule by officials in a hierarchical organization.

What is democracy?

Democracy is a regime that is organised by the rule of the people.Is a rule of people by the peopleDemocracy refers to the system of government whereby the subjects are eligible to electing their leaders.

Why do people in Australia live in freedom?

Because Australia lives under democratic rule of government! A democracy has all sorts of freedom rights, like the right to speech.

Who has more freedom-people under a communist government or people under a democratic government?

the people that are under a democratic government, have more freedom because they use a rule by the people form of government, which means that the people get to vote and tell what they think of the ideas. A communist government is where the ruler tells you every thing that your going to do, like he or she tells you what to wear and when you can go grocery shopping and what you can and can't buy, they also tell you if your able to leave the country or not and very very few get this chance. They want every body to be the same so you have to fallow their rules.

The people not the government rule the country?

The people rule the country as the government is because of people.

What does the root cracy?

The root "cracy" means "rule" or "government." It is commonly seen in words like democracy (rule by the people), aristocracy (rule by the elite), and meritocracy (rule by the competent).

What is the meaning of freedom of press?

Freedom of press is the right to print or publish something without it being censored by the government or the government can't rule what can or cannot be published. :)

The US government and the american way of life is based on what two ideals?

The U.S. government and the American way of life is based on two ideals. These ideals include freedom and equality.

What does the prefix -crac -crat mean?

The prefix -crac- or -crat- means "ruler" or "rule." It is often used in words related to government or governance structures, such as aristocrat (noble ruler) or democracy (rule by the people).

What does the sufix -cracy mean?

The suffix "-cracy" means rule or government by a specific group of people. It is commonly used in words like democracy (rule by the people), aristocracy (rule by the nobility), and autocracy (rule by a single individual).

What does oligarchic means?

It means a small group of people who rule a country. This type of government is usually not elected, and they have total authority to make any decision they want.