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Q: The government receives power to rule from the?
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Who the government receives the power to rule from?

the people

What is the Period in which government has power?


Where does Thomas Jefferson state where the government receives its power from?

From the opinions of the colonists.

A government in which a small usually self appointed group has the power to rule?

a government in which a small usally self appointed grouo has the power to rule

The people rule and hold sovereign power in a .?

democracy The type of government system that the people rule and hold sovereign power is a republic.

What is the period in which a monarch or government has power?


How did pharoughs rule?

They had total power in government

According to the Declaration of Independence a government obtains its power to rule from...?

The government gets it power from the people.

Where from what or whom does government get its authority to rule?

We the People is where government gets its power.

What is called when a nation or country receives it 's power from the people?

A DEMOCRACY is a country that receives its power from the people. The word "democracy" comes from the Greek "demos" and "kratia" meaning "people" and "rule" respectively.

What power not granted to national government?

rule of law

What form of government is monarchy?

A monarchy is a government in which the king has the power to rule the country.