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Q: Members of rich and powerful families of greek?
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Members of rich and powerful families who rule communities are known as a?


What type of government did ancient Greeks have?

at first the greeks have a goverment where only the aristocrats members of rich and powerful families

When did Medici start?

when he was powerful enough to control over Florence he ruled starting from 1437. he was really rich in Europe families!

What are people called who come from rich and powerful families?

the upper class (hard but, easy once you think a little) :)

What are people from rich and powerful families?

People from rich and powerful families are generally called by their names. This is true in present day times and it was also true in Roman times. Do not be misled into thinking that there was a class of people in ancient Rome who were the exclusively wealthy. True, at the beginning of the city there were the patricians who were the wealthy upper class, but the poorer plebeians began their upward financial climb. These people were in time followed by another group of Romans called equites. All families in these three groups could be rich and therefore powerful as money was power in ancient Rome.

What members come from wealthy landowning families in Rome?

The landowning families were the patricians (the aristocracy). During the Early Republic all the members of the Roman senate were patricians. In 368 BC members of rich plebeian families gained access to both the consulship (the office of the two annually elected heads of the Republic) and the senate. Thus, from then on the membership of the senate was composed of both patricians and rich plebeians (commoners). These rich plebeians were given the status of equites (equestrians) which was a lower tier of the aristocracy,

Where did Oligarchy originate?

Oligarchy is the rule of only a few people. It originated in Ancient Greece around 500 B.C. They were made up of powerful and rich families.

What are the Different types of family according to composition?

there are numerous kinds if looked for. but generally there are three kind of families 1)rich families with joint family members 2)middle class families with their religious beliefs 3)lower class families with extremely narrow minded thoughts

What was Italy's economy in the middle ages?

Italy was the center of the world for many in this time. The city/states were very powerful and families like the Medici controlled banking, commerce ,trade, and had family members who were popes. The rich in Italy lived very well and the poor lived as the poor all over at that time.

Why were the Italian city-states rich and powerful?

were so rich and powerful because after the crusades people flippe dasd gobbledygook youza

What were rich families who owned plantations called?

They are called wealthy families

Who were embalmed by the Egyptians?

the rich and the powerful