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Q: Members of rich and powerful families who rule communities are known as a?
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What are two well- known Neolithic communities?

Two well known neolithic communities are Sumeria and Mesopotamia.

Who and how old is the oldest Choctaw?

The oldest living Choctaw individual is not publicly known. The Choctaw Nation is made up of members of various ages across different communities.

Which Borgia's were Jewish?

None of the prominent members of the Borgia family were known to be Jewish. They were a powerful and influential Italian-Spanish family during the Renaissance period, known for their involvement in politics and the Catholic Church.

What are SMO techniques?

You can make a blog, there are many powerful social media tools that can allow you to get you known online (in case of blogs, technorati). And you can build your profile in many communities in order to connect with others.

What is comcasts mission statement?

Comcast is a well known Cable Television company. Their mission statement is, "As we shape the future of media and technology, our 129,000 employees strive to earn the respect and trust of our customers, our shareholders and members of the communities we serve."

What were the most committed members of the counterculture known as?

The members were known as Hippies

What is Tracie Martyn well known for?

Tracie Martyn is a beauty expert and makeup artist. She caters to famous people and celebrities, such as actors, actresses, singers, and members of royal families.

Urban hispanic communities are known as?

barrios, puto.

Which state is known for its Amish communities?

PA or OH

What were the bantu communities based on?

The Bantu communities were based on pastoral-ism. They also were based on subsistence. Bantu communities were usually settled in areas that were known as wealthy.

What is the difference between periods and families?

The horizontal rows are known as periods. The vertical columns are known as groups / families.

What organization started out as a social outlet and educational forum for isolated farm families?

The Grange, officially known as the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, started out as a social outlet and educational forum for isolated farm families in the United States. It was founded in 1867 to promote the interests of farmers and their communities through cooperative efforts.