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Modern day political combine a nation and state to make a republic

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Q: Modern day political combine a nation and state to make what?
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What are the features of modern political thought?

The major features of modern political thought are nation state,secularism,state sovereignty,democracy,nationalism,capitalism,socialism,liberalism and so on.

Difference between a state and a nation?

A state is usually a political division of a nation.

What do they have in common A state and nation and nation-state?

A state is a political entity with defined borders and a government, while a nation refers to a group of people who share common characteristics. A nation-state is a political entity where the state's borders coincide with the boundaries of a nation, meaning that the state represents the interests of that specific nation.

When state and nation coincide the country is called what?

This is known as a nation-state. In a nation-state, the political boundaries of the state align with the cultural or ethnic boundaries of the nation.

What made the states one nation?

The nation state is a state that self-identifies as deriving its political legitimacy from serving as a sovereign entity for a nation as a sovereign territorial unit.[1] The state is a political and geopolitical entity; the nation is a cultural and/or ethnic entity. The term "nation state" implies that the two geographically coincide, which distinguishes the nation state from the other types of state, which historically preceded it

2 aspects of sovereignty distinguish state from nation?

state is a political concept while nation is an ethnic concept.

What is a multistate nation?

A multi-state nation is an ethnic group that is not confined or concentrated in one political entity (a state). In geography, a country is not a nation, it is considered a state and a nation is considered to be an ethnic entity.

Explain the Nation as a political community?

The political community takes shape through the convergence of cultural political boundaries, transforming the state into the state of all its citizens.

What is meant by the term nation state?

The terms nation, state, country and nation-state are used to refer to political, economic, social and cultural actors in the international system. The modern nation-state refers to a single or multiple nationalities joined together in a formal political union. The nation-state determines an official language(s), a system of law, manages a currency system, uses a bureaucracy to order elements of society, and fosters loyalties to abstract entities like "Canada," "the United States," and so on.What's the difference between these concepts?A nation-state differs from a "state" or a "nation" for a couple of important reasons:A nation refers only to a socio-cultural entity, a union of people sharing who can identify culturally and linguistically. This concept does not necessarily consider formal political unions.A state refers to a legal/political entity that is comprised of the following: a) a permanent population; b) a defined territory; c) a government ; and d) the capacity to enter into relations with other states.This distinction is an important one because we, as political scientists, must be able to account for both political and socio-cultural factors in a political entity. Using the term nation-state, permits this investigation.What does the growth in the number of nation-states mean?The growth in the number of nation-states means that nation-states are going to have to cope with new political, economic, and social realities. The new entrants in the political system bring with them new opportunities for the international political system, but also bring new problems that the international order must be able to approach and attempt to solve.

Distinguished state from nation?

A state is a political entity. A nation is a cultural group. Many nations--like the Germans--have a state. Some nations--like the Kurds or the Palestinians---do not. Because most states today are nation-states, we are inclined to think that a nation=a state, but this is simply carelessness.

Difference between nation-states and other political entities?

The term "nation-state" implies that the two geographically coincide, and this distinguishes the nation state from the other types of state, which historically preceded it.

What is the difference between nation and nation state?

A nation refers to a single ethnic community of people who share a common identity and usually a common origin, while a nation state may be multi-cultural and is defined as a group of people united in the political and legal structure of the State.