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Cuba, Chile Venezuela, Ecuador, peru.

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Q: Name any 5 democratic and 5 nondemocratic countries.?
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How do republican and democratic views on federal government expansion?

Republican and Democratic views can vary. Conservatives (Republicans) are generally very against any government expansion while liberals (Democrats) are generally in favor of federal or state government expansion.

Any party other than the democratic or republican party are called?

If there is any ONE other party, it is usually called the 'Third Party' (in order to distinguish it from the first two).

Is the Mathematical Association of America democratic or republican?

The MAA has no political allegiance to any party or political group. It is neither 'Republican not 'Democrat'.

Who is the leader of the democratic?

You mean the democratic party. There is no specific leader and it would be hard to determine who is. The best way to find out would be to have all the democrats vote but I doubt that it is going to happen. Because of that, I would like to mention the possibility of having the democratic canidates be democratic leaders. I suppose you could not chose just one but there are definitely many.

Does the existence of slavery in a society make it more or less democratic?

Slavery had existed in many modern and ancient civilizations. For the most part, the US Civil War had ended the institution of slavery in all developed nations. Any society that tolerates the existence of slavery is at once a society that has serious flaws. Where slavery has existed, the slaves in a society had few civil rights if any at all. Any civilization which tolerates slavery is not one that can be called "democratic" in the broad sense of that term.

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What obligation if any do companies have to promote democratic values in nondemocratic countries in which they operate?

They have no such obligation.

Name any three non democratic countries?

North KoreaChinaCubaColumbiaGuamand pretty much all of Africa

Name any 15 democratic countries of the world?

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, South Africa, India, Italy, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand.

Is there any aristocracy in democratic countries?

There is. In European countries there are several rights that the aristocracy still claims despite the Liberal Revolution in the XVIII century, like tax benefits.

How are the General Elections run in the UK?

Citizens vote and votes are counted just as in any elections in other democratic countries.

Is no a name?

Not in any English speaking countries.

Are there any countries that have an x in there name?


Are there any countries whose name begins with x?

As of 2014, no nation's name starts with X.

How did nuclear weapons factor into communism and the fear of communism?

Most democratic countries feared that if communist nations had nuclear power, they would have the power to overthrow any democratic government and create a new one world communist government.

Why do people rebel against their own government in Ireland?

There has been no major rebellion against any Irish government. Irish people will protest about things the government do at times, like in any democracy. Generally Irish people are less likely to protest about their goverment that many other democratic countries do. When they do protest the protests are generally very peaceful compared to other democratic countries.

What are the difficultys face in a nondemocratic country?

The difficulties faced in a nondemocratic country include certailment in freedom of expression,right to practice religion by minorities, barriers on women lib etc. When ever a citizen or a group of citizens express any opinion non conducive to the authoritarian regime, they are put behind bars.The minorities are in constant fear to practice their religious rituals in public. Women intending to go to universities for higher studies, playing tennis in short skirts,swimming in jacket,driving cars on roads are still unimaginable in few nondemocratic authoritarian states.

Non democratic country?

any 4 non democratic country