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Q: Name on committee on which your representative serves?
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Name one committee on which your representative serves?

US Representatives serve on various committees, for example:finance committeearmed forcesspecial committees, such as the Health care billSome committees are long term while others are short term.

Name a committee that one of US Georgia Senator's serves on?

permanant gfovernment

What is the name of one committee on which each Florida US senator serves?

Paul Ryan

Name one committee on which each of Kentucky's US Senators serve?

rand Paul serves in the Tea Party Act committee, while Mitch Mcconnlle serves as a speaker for the leadereship institute in Arlington.

What committee serves as the traffic office of the House?

The Rules Committee

Which house committee studied representative Atkins's proposed bill?

The conference committee

After a bill is introduced by a representative is is numbered and refered to what type of committee?

standing committee

What committee serves as a study group?


How long does a nominating committee serve as a committee?

Normally in an organization, a nominating committee serves as a committee until it presents its nominations at the meeting when the election is held. If it was appointed to present a candidate for a job, it serves until the job is filled. At that point it dissolves.

How many major committee assignments does a representative have?


How does a typical representative in the house?

A typical representative in the legislature makes decisions, handles committee and floor work

What government is the government that serves the will of people?

Representative Government