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Hellenic Republic or Greece.

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Q: Name one of the baltic republics?
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What is the name of the Baltic Sea Republics?

The Baltic States are Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia.

Why are the Baltic republics named as they are?

The three Baltic republics are called the Baltic states, Baltics, Baltic nations, or Baltic countries. The countries include Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Witch countries are the Baltic countries?

The three Baltic republics are Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

What language is spoken in all 3 baltic republics?

The official language spoken in all three Baltic republics—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania—is a Baltic language, respectively Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian. These languages are related to each other but are distinct in terms of their grammar and vocabulary.

What are the three Baltic republics why are they called that?

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Which four republics were on the baltic sea?

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland

What countries make up the Baltic Republics?

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

What is the difference religion of Lithuania and that of the other baltic republics?

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Which republics territory bordering on the Baltic sea?

Lithuania,Latvia, and Estonia

Which republics have territory bordering the Baltic sea?

Lithuania,Latvia, and Estonia

Which people of the Baltic republics are most closely related to the Finns?

The Estonians

How do the languages spoken in Poland and the Baltic republics reflect the regions history?

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