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The nine physical regions of the US are: Pacific Alaska, Pacific, Rocky Mountain, Great Lakes, Central Plain, Southwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Alaska and Hawaii are not included in these regions.

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the answer to this question is the coastal plains, Appalachian mountains, interior plains, mountain and plateaues, and the pacific coast.

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I only know one middle west

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Q: Name the nine physical regions of the US?
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How many main physical regions are in the US?

There are four main physical regions in the United States: the coastal lowlands, the Appalachian Mountains, the interior plains, and the mountain and basin region. Each region has its own unique geology, climate, and landscape characteristics.

In which of the 8 physical regions of the us is Louisiana located?

Coastal plain and great plains

What are the eight physical regions of the US?

so if u take 11 and 9 you will get 20

Which two regions are named for physical features in US?

Rocky Mountains and Great Lakes.

The division of US into nine regions by census bureau is an example of what?

The division of the US into nine regions by the Census Bureau is an example of geographic segmentation. This segmentation helps in organizing and analyzing demographic data to better understand population distribution and trends across different areas in the country.

Is the following statements BEST describes the physical regions of the US?

Yes, go ahead and provide the statement for review.

Which regions are name because of their locations in the US?

There are four main regions of the United States: Western US Midwestern US Southern US Northeastern US There are many other geographical regions, but the four listed above are used by the US Census Bureau. Other regions include: Eastern US Southwestern US Southeastern US Pacific Northwest Central US New England Northwestern US

Where are the 9 physical regions of the US?

The 9 physical regions of the US are the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, Great Lakes region, Plains region, Rocky Mountains, and the Intermountain region. These regions are defined based on factors like geography, climate, and natural resources.

Which two regions are named because of physical features that are common to to the group of US states?

The Rock Mountain states and the Prairy states.

California's relative location in the US is the West region name the other 4 regions?

California located in the west region what are the other 4 regions

How many regions in the US?

There are approximately 10 federal regions in the US. The census has four regions. The federal reserve also has 12 regions.

Who was the second president of the US who had exactly nine letters in his last name?

He was John Adams.