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The Mayflower Compact was the agreement signed by the Pilgrims on November 21, 1620. This document set up a temporary government.

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Q: Name the truce signed by the pilgrims following the landing?
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What is an agreement to stop a conflict?

A peace agreement/treaty, a truce, a cease-fire agreement/treaty, ...

An agreement between to countries to stop fighting?

This is commonly referred to as a "cease-fire", particularly in recent times.

Where did the Korean war end?

The Korean War ended in the year 1953,when an armistice was signed Technically it hasn't. There's never been a peace treaty signed between the Allied powers and North Korea, only a truce that for all intents and purposes has acted like a peace treaty (although if you talk to anybody who's served on the border, they'll tell you that shooting still goes on between the lines). The cease-fire was signed on July 27, 1953. July 1953

How is an armistice different than surrendering?

Armistice is different from surrendering. It's the stopping of fighting so both sides find a truce. Surrendering is the declaration of defeat by one side. The winning side provides the terms of surrender.

In what year did the revolutionary war end the surrender of British general Cornwallis at Yorktown?

When the British came out to surrender and lay down their arms, Lord Cornwallis sent word that he was "sick" and remained in Yorktown. His deputy commander attempted to proffer his sword to the French general, who pointed him toward General Washington. Washington declined to accept the sword of this subordinate, and pointed him to General Benjamin Lincoln, one of Washington's division commanders. Lincoln had been captured in May 1780, when he had to surrender Charleston SC, and had recently been exchanged. So this formal gesture of surrender was received by Lincoln.This formal ceremony of surrender was on October 19, 1781, two days after the British showed a flag of truce.

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What is the truce signed by the pilgrims following the landing?

That would be The Mayflower Compact.

Who signed the Korean conflict truce?

The "Korean Conflict Truce"? Explain.

What was the crusade that resulted in the signing of a truce and an agreement to allow christian pilgrims to visit Jerusalem?


How did the beaver wars end?

they both signed a truce

What was the significance of the Armistice Agreement in 1953?

An Armistice is a Truce. Which was signed on 27 July 1953.

What took place in the stalemate in the Korean War?

The stalemate resulted in a Armistice. A truce, signed in 1953.

How lond did the hundred years war last?

116 years. Though peace was never declared a truce was signed

Has there ever been a truce in Darfur?

Yes, there was a truce that was made on January the 9th 2005 but was broken by the Janjaweed, then later on the 5th of May 2006, which was signed by the Sudanese government and the smallest of 3 main groups of rebels. Soon after the agreement was signed it was broken again by the Janjaweed and has not been restored since.

How did the course of the Korean War influence the outcome?

The back and forth fighting settled into a stalemate. Both sides possessed atomic weapons (Soviet & US); a negotiated truce was the answer. The Armistice was signed in 1953. An Armistice is a truce.

What treaty was signed in 1713?

Great Britain and France having agreed a truce, the pace of negotiation now quickened, and the main treaties were finally signed on 11 April 1713.

Who approves a treaty negotiated by the president?

The Congress has to approve any treaty or truce signed by the president, ambassador, or any representative.

Who signed the treaty when Stalin died?

There was NO treaty signed during the Korean War. An Armistice (A Truce) was signed by US Army GEN William K. Harrison and North Korean Army GEN Nam II on July 27, 1953.