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Savannah, Charleston, and Camden.

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Q: Name three cities in the South that were occupied by General Cornwallis?
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Why was lord Cornwallis importanat?

Lord Cornwallis was a very important british commander. He led a fight into the patriots in South Carolina. He was going to destroy all the patriots but was tricked and ambushed. The Patriots ran him out of South Carolina and in to Yorktown where he surrendered and he was the main reason Britain lost the revolutionary war

How many battles did Charles Cornwallis win?

About three he has won one of them in Virgina and some in the Carolinas

What is the result of the battle of Charleston?

The Patriots won the first battle of Charleston (South Carolina) on June 28, 1776. It was a humiliating defeat for the British Navy and the first great military victory of the American Revolution. It was this event, overlooked in history, that inspired our forefathers to ratify The Declaration of Independence. For proof, see make this easy, the British won the battle of Charleston.

What was the Patriots strategy for defeating British at Yorktown?

Washington wanted to get the British out of New York City but the recently arrived French Commander, Comte de Rochambeau, had to get his fleet to the carribean by October so he convinced Washington that it would be easier for the French Fleet to assist in the attack further south where Cornwallis was in Yorktown with 9000 British soldiers, where he had fewer soldiers than the occupation of New York City. The plan was for the French Commander to defeat the British fleet at the battle of Chesapeake (which succeeded in early September) and thus blocked any escape by sea for Cornwallis. Washington sent the French General Lafayette to contain Cornwallis until he and his forces could arrive (which he did). So the combined attack at Yorktown by land and by sea left no choice for Cornwallis but to surrender.

What are key events in the Battle of Yorktown?

The Battle of Yorktown (1781) was the last major battle in the American Revolution. British general Cornwallis was against French general Marquis de Lafayette and General George Washington. French admiral DeGrasse was commander of the French naval fleet and defeated the British navy, thus prohibiting them from entering Chesapeake Bay and giving aid and resources to Cornwallis. Cornwallis was surrendered--Washington's troops came from the North and Lafayette's from the South. This was called the 'pincer' strategy. Cornwallis couldn't go anywhere--by land (blockage by Washington and Lafayette) or by sea (blockage by DeGrasse). Cornwallis surrendered on October 17, his troops vastly outnumbered. By winning this battle, America won the war.

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Who was in command of the British forces of the south?

The General in command of the of the British forces in the South was General Cornwallis

General was the commander of the British forces in the South in the early 1780s?

general cornwallis

Which British general captured Savannah Georgia and Charleston South Carolina?

Charles Cornwallis

What was the role of lord Cornwallis in the revolutionary war?

Lord Charles Cornwallis is the British general who was accused of "losing America" having fought against the Americans in many different battles during the Revolutionary War. In 1776, Cornwallis arrived in America two years after the Revolution started. Cornwallis came to America with the rank of major general, but by 1780 he was responsible for the entire British campaign in the South. At first Cornwallis was successful against the American forces, but that all began to change in January 1781 when he was defeated by Nathanael Greene's army in South Carolina. In August 1781 Cornwallis was in Yorktown waiting for more troops to arrive. However, by the time the new British troops arrived the French were ready to attack. The American and French troops cornered the British forces and Cornwallis' forces had to surrender. The British surrender at Yorktown led to the end of the Revolutionary War. After the war, Cornwallis became the Governor General of India and the Viceroy of Ireland. Cornwallis died in 1805.

What was The region that some of the revolutions most bitter fighting from 1780 to 1782 between general greene and british general Cornwallis?

South Region.

The region that some of the revolution's worst battles between American General Greene and British General Cornwallis from 1780 to 1782 were fought?

I did this packet, the answer is the South

Which commander of the continental army in the southern colonies during the first years of the revolutionary war was defeated by general cornwallis at camden south carolina?

General Gates

Which commander of the Continental Army in the southern colonies during the first wars of the American Revolution was defeated by general Cornwallis at Camden South Carolina?

general gates

Region that saw some of the revolutions most bitter fighting from 1780 to 1782 between American general greene and british general Cornwallis?

the South...APUSH huh?

Who was the British general who surrender to Washington have?

In the summer of 1781, after six years of war, the American Army was struggling. The British occupied New York City. A second British army lead by General Lord Cornwallis ravaged the South - capturing Charleston, Richmond, and apparently was heading for the Chesapeake Bay. Mutiny plagued the American army in New York and New Jersey.

When did general Cornwallis takes over command of british forces in the south?

Lord Cornwallis took over command of British forces in the Southern colonies in 1780. It was his forces that surrendered to George Washington essentially ending the War of Independence.

What general assumed command of American troops in the south in 1780?

American General Horatio Gates took command of the southern army on July 25, 1780. His ensuing defeat at the hands of British General Charles Cornwallis at Camden, South Carolina ended his military career.