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Lord Cornwallis was a very important british commander. He led a fight into the patriots in South Carolina. He was going to destroy all the patriots but was tricked and ambushed. The Patriots ran him out of South Carolina and in to Yorktown where he surrendered and he was the main reason Britain lost the revolutionary war

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Q: Why was lord Cornwallis importanat?
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When was Surrender of Lord Cornwallis created?

Surrender of Lord Cornwallis was created in 1820.

Is Charles Cornwallis lord Cornwallis?


What was Lord Cornwallis' real name?

Charles Cornwallis

Why was lord Cornwallis important in history?

Lord Cornwallis is best known for surrendering his army at Yorktown, Virginia

What was the name of General Charles Cornwallis' brother?

Lord Admiral William Cornwallis

Where was Lord Cornwallis born?

in England

Where did Lord Cornwallis Surrender?

At Yorktown.

What are the release dates for Washington's Generals - 2006 Lord Cornwallis?

Washington's Generals - 2006 Lord Cornwallis was released on: USA: 2006

Was lord Cornwallis American or British?


When was Lord Cornwallis born?

London 1738

When did lord Cornwallis become a general?


Who was the britishgeneral who surrendered at Yorktown?

Lord Cornwallis :]