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had a senceof fasion

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Q: Nature of economy in spanish America?
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Why did latin America have little influence on the world economy between 1492 and 1845?

Because they were counted as part of the European economy. At the time, Latin America was a colony of the Spanish, French and Portuguese empires.


nigerian economy

What does it mean to say the unemployment problem in America is structural in nature?

a large portion of the population does not have the skills that are truly needed by the economy for growth

What is the nature of an economist?

Mixed. in India,The nature of economy is Mixed means it is the combination of capitalist and socialist economy.

What weakened the spanish economy in 15th century?

actually Spain was at it's greatest at the time because they had discovered America and there was lots of valuables there.

Which one of the following is true of agriculture in Spanish America?

Agriculture in Spanish America was primarily focused on cash crops such as sugar, tobacco, and indigo for export to Europe. This system was heavily reliant on indigenous and African slave labor to support the plantation economy.

Is Chile's economy better then Americas?

No. America has the best world economy. Chile has the best economy in SOUTH America.

What was the import and export economy of the Spanish colonies?

The import economy of the Spanish colonies was sugar, molasses, and slaves. The export economy was rice, tobacco, and rum.

America participates in what type of economy?

America participates in a mixed economy.

What is the nature of Nigerias economy?

The nature of the economy in Nigeria is mixed and also defined as an emerging market. Nigeria's economy is experiencing increasing growth with a 7 percent increase in 2013.

Does North America have a mixed economy?

No. It has a market economy.

What is the translation of North America in Spanish?

North America in Spanish is: Norte America.