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The president of the USA can only stay in office for a maximum of two terms. The President has the power to accent to the bills that are discussed before the house and he is also the commander in chief.

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The US Constitution limits a person to 10 years as president. This effectively means that they can have 2 terms in office, which is 8 years. The reason for the extra 2 years is so that anyone who was promoted to president in the middle of a term is not unfairly restricted from running for resident in the future. For example, if the president was to die in office (like JFK did), the vice president takes over, but only for the rest of the 4 year term. When someone becomes president like this, they do not start a new "turn" of 4 years, they only continue the 4 years of the last president. As they have had a limited amount of time in office (as long as its less than 2 years anyway), they can still have the chance to be president for 2 terms of their own.

Various other political leadership jobs have limits like this - usually State Governors.

Term limits are actually not the normal rule with heads of state, so the US is unusual in this respect. Here in the UK, someone is prime minister for as long as they are elected.

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Q: Numbers of terms and power of the president?
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No. As long as his party retains power, the president's length of office is indefinite.

Which president after 2 terms left as an example of graceful and peaceful transition of power?

The first President-George Washington.

How many terms are a president allowed to serve?

2 terms. 8 years total.

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How many terms can a president and vice president serve?

2 terms

If the president is incapacitated who becomes the president?

The vice president can serve as the president in this case. Amendment 25 specifies procedures to be followed if the president says he is unable to serve and voluntarily yields his power and if he does not think he is incapacitated and how he can get his power back if he recovers his capacities.

Can a US president be elected as President after serving two terms as President?

No, the term limit for a president is two terms.

How long can a Greece president be in power?

The President of Greece can serve up to two 5-year terms. Greece has a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic form of government.

If a vice president serves for two terms can he still be president?

A person might serve for any number of terms as vice president and still be elected to two terms as president.

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He was president for 2 terms making him the 22nd and 24th president.

How many terms can a president serve in the White House?

A president can serve two presidential terms of four years. Altogether, he/she can serve eight years as president.