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Q: On what day do canadians honor those who served in wartime?
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The rules to move in to a model tenement were very strict. which would not have been one of those rules?

Answer this question… Have served in the American military Have served in the American military

Who was the president in the prohibition era?

The prohibition Era was from 1920 - 1933 Four presidents served within those 13 years. And they are: Woodrow Wilson Warren Harding Calvin Coolidge Herbert C. Hoover

What are the expectations of the president of the us?

Specific expectations would depend on the president, The people who vote for him expect him to do better than his opponent and honor those campaign pledges that caused them to vote for him. The people who voted against him may expect the worst but hope for the best. Most people probably expect the president to do his best to govern honestly and fairly, to honor his oath to uphold the constitution and to govern for the best interests of the country as he sees them.

How do political parties achieve their aim?

Political parties do the bidding of those who pay for them. They often need to get people to vote for them in which case they try to get votes so they can hold power and put in the laws those funding them desire. It has always been that to some extent but in the past political parties were often created by the people to address issues of inequality or to advance a political belief. That is the history of the NDP, a Western based party meant to advance the causes of Western Canadians. Something they are clearly far from today as they hold many anti-Western Canadian beliefs but beliefs well supported by those that fund them today.

What document outlines a plan for government that has served as a model for new governments around the world?

Many political scientists and historians claim that the US Constitution has served as a model for many new governments that were established from the early part of the twentieth century onwards. This does not infer that all new governments are republics like the United States. What has happened is that the rights of citizens guaranteed in the US Constitution, such as freedom of speech, became part of the government structures that were parliamentary in structure, as well as those governments that are republics.

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How do canadians honor those who served wartime?

By Remembrance Day on Nov 11th. By wearing the poppy and placing it on the Memorial after the service.

Why you honor veteran day?

to honor those who served and those who died for us fighting in our wars.

Why do you celerbate Veterans Day?

To remember and honor those both the who served in wars.

What two holidays honor those those who have served in the us armed forces?

Memorial Day and veterinary day

What two federal holidays honor those who have served in the us armed forces?

memorial day and veterinary day

What would you like to do this Memorial Day to remember and honor those who have served in the military?

do some thing like do refeal that is in 203

How and why did Veterans Day start?

In order to fully and successfully honor all those who have served our country in deadly and lethal combat to defend the freedoms of all those whom were and are involved.

What year did congress change the holiday armistice day to veterans day to honor those who served in world war 2 and the Korean war?


Why do you honor the people who fought in any war on Veterans Day?

Veteran's Day is for honoring all those who have served their nation in military uniform, war or peace.

What was the original name for the day of remembrance we call Veterans' Day?

It was originally called Armistice Day, which was in honor of the men who fought in World War I, whereas Veterans Day is in honor of all those who have served in the US armed forces.

What is the significance of Veterans Day?

the ignificance is to honor those who have ever served in the military in anywayyy. but it started with the world war 1 endingg. which is how it actually startedd. its all on

What wartime act by Abraham Lincoln freed those slave living in rebellious states?

The Emancipation Proclamation was Lincoln's wartime act that freed slaves.