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There is no one clause addressing national (federal) government power. Practically the entire document is a collection of limits and blocks, and checks and balances set upon the power and authority of the federal government.

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Q: On which clause of the Constitution regard national power?
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Which clause of the Constitution has been used to strengthen the power of the national government?

The Necessary and Proper Clause of the Constitution has been used to strengthen the power of the national government. It is also known as the Elastic Clause.

Does the federal govenment's authority to govern economic matters flow from the commerce clause?

It is true that the national government's power to govern economic affairs stems from the Commerce Clause. The clause is found in Article I of the U.S. Constitution.

Which clauses gives congress the most general non specific power?

The Elastic Clause is the clause in the Constitution that gives Congress the most general non specific power. It is in Section 8 of the Constitution.

Could the congress organize a national army?

Yes, Congress has the power to organize and maintain a national army under the Constitution. This power is explicitly granted to Congress in Article I, Section 8, Clause 12, known as the "Necessary and Proper Clause" or the "Elastic Clause." Therefore, if Congress deems it necessary, they can organize a national army.

What clause allowed federal government to expand its power?

elastic clause

What is the name of the clause from the constitution that gives the national government any power needed to carry out its duties?

elastic clause article 1 sec 8 allows the government flexibility to whatever problem arises

What is the basis that national power lies in?

The Supremacy Clause and the Treaty Clause only

How have the commerce clause the necessary and proper clause and the supremacy clause from the Constitution impacted the power of the federal government?

Dumb question

Where does congress get the power to do things that are not listed you the constitution?

The elastic clause

What did the reserved power clause do?

The Reserved powers clause of the Constitution provides that the states have the authority to create their own laws and constitutions. The Reserved powers clause is contained in the 10 amendment of the US Constitution.

What part of the constitution does Andrew Hamilton use for his argument for national bank?

According to The supreme Court in McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) said that Article I, Section 8. The "Necessary and Proper" Clause gave Congress the power to establish a national bank.

How does the establishment clause limits the power of the national government?