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Q: One who loves their country e.g. supported the American cause of independence?
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What Eurpean country openly supported the American cause as a result of the victory?


George Washington was given what title in recognition of his leadership in the cause of American independence?

"The Father of His Country"

What were those who supported the British cause during the American Revolution called?

they could have been called loyalists im not sure

What cause the war for independence?

It is unclear which country's independence is meant

What did king Louis xvi do when heard of American victory at saratoga?

He supported the American cause.

What were the cause when the American revolution war was done?

for independence

What did lord acton believed caused the french revolution?

he believed the american declaring independence was the cause.

What political faction would have supported the cause of the Mexican-American war and why?

Southern democrats. Because they supported slavery.

What side did phillis wheatly support?

Phillis Wheatley, an enslaved African-American poet, supported the side of the American Patriots during the Revolutionary War. She wrote poems celebrating the ideals of liberty and freedom and sought to promote the cause of American independence through her literary works.

For what country did Lord Byron fund a rebellion against the Turks?

Lord Byron funded a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in Greece. He was inspired by the Greek people's fight for independence from Turkish rule and supported their cause by financing and participating in the Greek War of Independence.

What is the cause of the American independence movement?

british taxation policy

Which country did not ally itself with the Americans cause for independence?