Original Heart of the ocean

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There was no actual "Heart of the ocean" in the movie Titanic it was based upon the Hope Diamond which is estimated to be worth around 250 million dollars.

mabey that is what they think but there is a Heart of the ocean because i have seen it in a museums

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Q: Original Heart of the ocean
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What is the name of the diamond on the Titanic?

It was a sapphire called the heart of the ocean

What was the original name of the Atlantic Ocean?

ethiopian ocean

What is the value of the original Heart of the Ocean Diamond?

The Heart of the Ocean, from the movieTitanic was a fictional "character". It was a very large heart shaped blue diamond given by the lead villain to the lead heroine on a necklace as an engagement gift. In the story, the necklace was thrown off of the stern of the vessel that found the sunken ship by the heroine when she had grown old. Although the Heart of the Ocean didn't really exist, it was based on the real life Hope Diamond, estimated to be worth approximately $250 million.

What color is 'The Heart of the Ocean' in Titanic?

the heart is a navey blue coluler and has white dimonds roud the side of it

Did they find the heart of the ocean?


What is the necklace called that jack gave to rose in the Titanic?

If you mean the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace, once owned by Kate Florence Phillips, for a time it was shown in a Titanic display in Belfast before allegedly being sold to a female in Florida.

Does the heart of the ocean real exist?

No, the Heart of the Ocean is a fictional diamond necklace featured in the movie "Titanic." The necklace was created as part of the film's storyline and does not exist in real life.

Did they ever find the heart of the ocean?

no the heart of the ocean has never been foundWell, the heart of the ocean isn't real number one. second no it wasn't found because rose had it and threw it into the ocean. it's based on a diamond that was given to Kate Florence Phillips...

The original 13 English colonies all had a shoreline on what ocean?

atlantic ocean

Which is the only colony of the original 13 that did NOT have a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean?

Pennsylvania was the only one of the original 13 colonies that did not touch the Atlantic Ocean.

In titanic who was the woman wearing the heart of the ocean?

the women wearing the heart of the ocean was rose dewitt bucketer played by kate winslet

Did rose really throw the heart of the ocean necklace from cal into the ocean?