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Q: Which ocean is the most heavily traveled?
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What ocean in its early history was heavily traveled by Chinese Arab and Indian sailors?

Indian ocean

In its early history this ocean was heavily traveled by Chinese Arab and Indian sailors.?

Indian ocean

What is the most traveled ocean?

The part of the Sea which has the most Maritme traffic is the Straits of Dover, between UK & France.

What is the oldest most traveled ocean?

The Indian Ocean is.

How did the yurok tribe traveled?

They traveled on redwood canoes on ocean and walked on land

The global westerly wind zone most heavily impacts what latitudes?

The global westerly wind zone heavily impacts the mid-latitudes, typically around 30° to 60° north and south of the equator. These wind belts blow from west to east and play a crucial role in shaping weather patterns in these regions.

Why the slaves traveled across the ocean?

No slaves crossed the ocean that i don't no of ?????

What is the superlative of heavily?

The superlative of heavily is "most heavily."

Where did Jacques cousteau travel?

he traveled in the ocean

What ocean would you pass over if you traveled to America from Australia?

The Pacific Ocean.

Zheng traveled across what ocean to trade with other countries?

the Indian ocean :)

If the Chinese had wanted to explore North America across which ocean would they have traveled?

The Atlantic Ocean