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Q: Parts of the constitution added after it was written?
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How many written changes have been added to the Constitution?

there has been 27 written changes to the US constitution

Why is it difficult to understand some of the parts of the constitution?

Some people think that some parts of the constitution are difficult to understand because they are written in old English. Written language has evolved since the constitution was written so some of the words are not those we use today.

When was the 6th amendment added to the constitution?

the 6th amendment was written in 1765.

Was the Constitution written before the Bill of Rights?

Yes it was. The Constitution was written and then the Bill of Rights was added as sort of a compramise between the Federalists and Anti-Federalsits. Many said that the original Constitution did not protect the people's natural rights, so the Bill of Rights was added to it.

What are the essential parts of a written constitution?

the constitution needs money are the people and corrupt the governments at the all time. .

What was added to the Constitution to include a written guarantee of people's liberties?

The bill of rights

Where did they do the Bill of Rights?

They were written in Philadelphia and added as the first 10 amendments of the constitution.

How many amendments have been written to the constitution since it was written?

Seventeen more amendments have been added.

Is the decleration of independence a constitution?

yes, and then the ammendements that were made were added to the bill of rights, as the way in which the Declaration of Independance (constitution) was written it was made far too hard to add/change what was written. So changes were then added to the bill of rights.

How many amendments have been added to the constitution since it was first written?

27 so far.

What was written at the convention of 1833 that was not written at the convention of 1832?

A constitution was added in the hope that Texas would be made a separate state in Mexico.

The basic rights guaranteed to each individual were added after the constitution had been written for the purpose of gaining ratification of the constitution?

Wezzles Says: bill of rights