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Balance self-interest and organizational interest

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Q: People with political savvy make decisions that?
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How do political bosses make decisions?

They pay people to do it for them

What is a government where people have the power to make political decisions?

Democracy (democratic)

Why would one study political behavior?

To understand how people make decisions and/or act in politics.

What kind of government allows citizens to make political decisions in Greece?

Direct Democracy, as practiced in Ancient Athens, allowed citizens to make political decisions.

What are people in Mexico demanding from the Mexican government?

More political freedom to make decisions that effect their every day life.

Is judge patricia kelly fl a democrat?

The political views of a judge doesn't determine the decisions that they make. A judge is not asked what political party they belong to and decisions are based on law not political views.

Explain this quote The average person is far too ignorant to make wise political decisions?

This quote suggests that many people lack sufficient knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions about politics. It implies that without a deeper understanding of political issues and processes, individuals may struggle to make wise choices when it comes to voting or participating in political activities.

Why do interest groups try to influence political party?

Interest group try to influence political parties because leaders of interest groups know that political parties play a central role in selecting those people who make public policy decisions.

Should important political decisions be made through free vote?

Some of them should, yes. But if you are talking about groups that are larger than a few dozen, this becomes completely impractical as a way of dealing with ALL important political decisions. The US government would shut down instantly; there are too many people for this to work. That is why in the US we have a representative system; people are elected to make decisions for many.

What is the government in which the people have the power to make political decisions?

Well I have know idea so ya I just wanted to right haha Second Answer: The answer is Democracy.

What are some savvy nouns and adjectives and verbs and prepresitional phrases?

The word 'savvy' is a noun, a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to understand and judge people and situations well.Example: He used his business savvy to make the company successful.The word 'savvy' is a verb, to know, to understand, to comprehend.Example: I don't savvy the reasoning for his actions.The word 'savvy' is an adjective to describe a noun as knowing a lot about something, able to make good judgments.Example: A savvy investor does a lot of research.Example prepositional phrase:He negotiated that deal with the savvy of a professional.

What kind of government allowed citizens to make political decisions in ancient Greece?

Democratic ones.