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The Pilgrims were people who believed they needed to separate with England. The Pilgrims left England and settled in Holland. The Temptations in Holland were too much for these religious people and they finally boarded the Mayflower and set sail for America. They landed there in 1620.

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Q: Pilgrims came from what country?
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What country did the pilgrims sailed?

The Pilgrims set sail to American from the country of England. They came to America in 1620 and founded the Plymouth Colony.

What was the main reason that pilgrims and puritans came to the Americas?

they came for religious freedom from there mother country!!

What pilgrims came to America?

Pilgrims from England.

What year did the pilgrims first come to America?

The Pilgrims came to America almost 400 years ago.

What country did pilgrims decide to be free?

Pilgrims decided to be free from the country England.

Where did pilgrims come from?

AnswerThe Pilgrims originally came from England. Then they moved to Holland. Then they went to America

Where did the first Americans settle?

pretty much all over the country but were seen mainly in the east when the pilgrims came to the U.S

What did the pilgrims sail in?

The Mayflower

How many pilgrims came to America?

One hundered six

Which groups came to the new world for religious freedoms?

The Puritans and the Pilgrims

What is the place the pilgrims came from?


Who are the pilgrims that came to the U.S.?