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John B. Anderson, Republican Congressman from Illinois tried for the Republican nomination in 1980. He won the first two primaries, but faded by summer, so he decided to run as an independent. He won 5.7 million (6.6%) popular votes, but did not win any electoral votes .

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Q: President John Anderson in 1980
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Who ran for president in 1980 as an independent?

John Anderson ran as an "Independent:" in 1980.

Who ran for us president as an independent the 1980 election?

John B. Anderson ran for president in 1980, and was an independent.

What year did john Anderson run for president?

1980, against Reagan and Carter, as an independent

Who was the third party candidate who ran against Jimmy Carter in 1980?

John B. Anderson.

Who was John Anderson's running mate in 1980?

Patrick Lucey

Who was the independent presidential candidate who won 7 percent of popular vote in 1980?

John Anderson

What best characterizes John Anderson?

He was a third party cantidate in the 1980 election :) ur welcome

Which independent presidential candidate revealed 6.6 percent of the popular vote in 1980?

John B, Anderson.

What is the name of president Truman's father?

John Anderson Truman was Harry Truman's father.

Which independent presidential candidate won 7 percent of the popular vote in 1980?

John Anderson won 6.6% of the popular vote in 1980 running as an "Independent".

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