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1980, against Reagan and Carter, as an independent

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Q: What year did john Anderson run for president?
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In what year did John Adams run for president?

John Adams ran for office in 1796 and reran in the year 1800 but lost to Thomas Jefferson.

How many terms as president did John Quincy Adams run?

one 4-year term

What inspired John Tyler to run for president?

he didnt run for president

What year did Sarah palin run for vice President?

In 2004 Sarah Palin was asked to become a candidate as vice-president for John McCain

President John Anderson in 1980?

John B. Anderson, Republican Congressman from Illinois tried for the Republican nomination in 1980. He won the first two primaries, but faded by summer, so he decided to run as an independent. He won 5.7 million (6.6%) popular votes, but did not win any electoral votes .

When did John Quincy Admas run for president?

He was President 1825 - 1829

What led john Quincy Adams to run for president?

John Adams's rivalry against Thomas Jefferson was what led him to run for president

What made John F. Kennedy decide to run for president?

He was going to run for vice president but he realized he would get that easily so he decided to run for president instead.

Who was the tenth president to run the US?

John Tyler

Can a 25 year old run for president of the US?

No, you must be at least 35 to run for president.

What year did Truman run for President?

In 1948.

Was John Adams president in 1800?

John Adams served as the second President of the United States from 1797 to 1801. Therefore, he was still the President in the year 1800.