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Q: President is to republic as monarch is to?
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Does the Republic of Ireland have a royal family?

No, but there is a president.

Why is there no president of england?

England is a monarchy, not a republic, so it has a monarch not a president. The current monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.

What is Ireland's government King and Queen or do they have a president?

Ireland is a republic so it has a president, not a monarch.

What type of monarch does France have?

A president. Once elected, he acts like a monarch. Seriously, France is a republic

Can a country have a parliament and a president?

It has a president if it is a parliamentary republic, a monarch reigns over a parliamentary monarchy

What is the title for the monarch of Germany?

Germany does not have a queen, neither does it have a king. It is a federal, parliamentary republic.

Is Italy a monarchy-?

No. Italy is a republic. It does not have a monarch. It has a president.

Does France have limited or unlimited government?

No. It is a republic. It has a president, not a monarch. They got rid of the monarch in 1789, when the French Revolution happened.

Is Pakistan republic or monarch?

islamic republic

What is a nation or state in which the citizens elect representatives to manage the government which is usually headed by a president rather than a Monarch?


Which is estonias monarch?

There is no Monarch of Estonia, Estonia is a republic and has been since 1917. The last monarch to rule over Estonia was Tsar Nicholas II of the Russian Empire. However Toomas Hendrik Ilves is the current President of Estonia

Was Iraqi President Saddam Hussein a monarch?

No. A president is not a monarch.