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President Benjamin Harrison was known for his "Billion Dollar Congress."

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Benjamin Harrison was known for the "Billion dollar Congress" in 1889. Both houses in congress and the executive were Republican, resulting in many high-cost bills being passed into law.

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Q: President known for his million dollar congress?
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Is American president answerable to the congress?

Yes. in the sense that the President must enforce the laws that Congress passes, collect only the taxes that Congress approves and spend the money that Congress appropriates. Congress can, using a complicated process, remove him from office if he violates the laws or is derelict in his duties. However, there is a balance of powers and the President has much power over Congress,. as well as a legal principle known as executive privilege, which lets him conceal many of his actions from Congress if he so chooses.

What is the following enables the supreme court to deem acts of the president and of congress unconstitutional?

The power of judicial review.seperation of powers

What is the legislative branch of the federal government referred to as?

The legislative branch is referred to as Congress in the United States. In other countries, the legislative branch may be called other things, such as Parliament, the Diet, National Assembly, and others.

The presidents annual speech to the congress?

The annual speech that the president gives to the congress is known as the State of the Union. The speech allows presidents to report the condition of the nation and to outline their legislative agenda and priorities.

Can the President introduce a Bill?

It is not generally known, but any citizen including the president can present bills or ideas for bills to congress. It may not be easy, and ideas perceived as harebrained won't get far. If you are a US citizen then there are US senators and representatives who are there for you. Give them your ideas; that's what representation means. The president has an inside track and can find congress persons to sponsor and/or coauthor legislation that he is interested in, but that should not keep you from voicing your ideas.

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Why was Abraham Lincoln known as the million dollar president?

Abraham printed 450 million dollars a large amount for the time. This may the reason. Benjamin Harrison was known for the "Billion dollar Congress" in 1889. These two presidents were all the only ones that I recalled having a million dollars nick name.

Known for his billion dollar congress?


What is the president's report to congress known as?

state of the union message

Can the president suspend congress?

No. The Congress derives its power from the Constitution, not from the president. The president and Congress are co-equal branches of the govenerment: the president cannot suspend the congress, and the Congress cannot suspsend the Presidency

Was benjerman ever a president?

No, he wasn't even though he was on a 100 dollar bill he is the only known man to be on a 100 dollar bill he is not a president.

What was Thomas Jefferson known for?

Gambling and he was also known as a president + he was on the 2 dollar bill

Is the president elected by congress?

No, the president is not elected by Congress. In the United States, the president is elected through a process known as the Electoral College. Under this system, citizens vote for electors who then cast their votes for the president. Congress does have a role in certifying the election results, but they do not directly elect the president.

What is the name of the annual speech given by the president to update congress and the people?

The annual speech given by the president to update Congress and the people is called the State of the Union address.

so if the president is mot doing well can he be moved as a president?

Of course, this process is known as impeachment of a president and needs an organized vote in congress

What was the name of president wilsons speech to congress in 1918?

The fourteen points speech is what it is known as.

How can the president check congress in regards to a bill?

If the president does not like proposed legislation he can make his thoughts known to leaders in congress and threaten to veto it. If the bill passes anyway, he can veto it - send it back to congress with his objections.

If the president vetoes a bill and congress disagrees?

If the President vetoes a bill, it can be passed over his objection by a vote of 2/3 of each house of Congress. This is known as "overriding" the President's veto, and in this case, the bill becomes law even without the President's veto.