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Q: Presidential candidates who have this political philosophy have the best chance of being elected?
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Would you hear rhetoric used in a presidential campaign speech?

Almost all political candidates use rhetoric in their speeches, during campaigns AND after being elected.

A political party is made up of a group of people who what?

Work to get candidates elected to political offices

Why are the Muslim presidential candidates not allowed to be elected in US?

Muslim candidates ARE allowed to run for president , provided they satisfy the constitutional requirements - whether a Muslim could be elected is another question.

What is the main purpose of political parties?

to control government by getting its candidates elected

What is main purpose of political party's?

to control government by getting its candidates elected

What are the three ways in which parties and their candidates inform the public?

Explain at least three ways political parties campaign for their candidates to be elected.

What education must presidential candidates have?

Quite bluntly: NONE! You can be unable to read or write and still be president if you can get elected.

Why do American political parties take middle road issues?

Because they want to appeal to the largest number of voters possible, which includes both moderate Republicans and Democrats as well as Independents. Being a centrist helps national political candidates -- like Senators and presidential candidates -- get re-elected.

What are the major function of political parties?

nomination candidates for office, insuring the good performance of their elected candidates, providing a mechanism for the conduct of government

What election is part of the process for choosing presidential candidates?

caucus_nominating convention_primary

What do people in a political party do?

People in a political party share many of the same political beliefs and work together to get their candidates elected to office, and to defeat the opposition.

A political party is?

an organization with the primary purpose of running candidates for political office and coordinating the actions of officials elected under the party banner