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Because they want to appeal to the largest number of voters possible, which includes both moderate Republicans and Democrats as well as Independents. Being a centrist helps national political candidates -- like Senators and presidential candidates -- get re-elected.

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Because most of the American electorate is centrist

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Q: Why do American political parties take middle road issues?
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What are Pros and cons of third parties?

pros- parties can focus on specific issues - people can look outside the box of just dems. and repubs. - other issues voiced, middle ground for people cons- not well-recognized by america's two-party system - further weakening of our existing two parties

What are the major political issues of Middle East?

Some common ones are religions, who should have what land, and resources.

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What are the differences between American and European political parties?

Europe in general, particularly Scandinavia, is simply more socialist than the United States. Where an American conservative would see the Democrat party as borderline communist, understand that from a European's perspective, the Democrats are barely left wing. They are marginally more to the left than right, and it all comes down to perspective. Saying that Democrats are Liberal and Republicans are Conservative would be disingenuous. These are only truths for those within the United States who have the same American perspective. The common example would be: Find me a Democrat within America, and I'll find a European right wing that's more liberal.The main difference between American and European political parties is that with the primacy of the Parliamentary system in Europe (vs the Presidential system in the USA), Europe has a much larger number of viable parties in each country. That is, in practically all European countries, there exist at least 3 parties, and, in many cases, 5 or 6 parties can carry enough votes to win representation in the Legislature.Thus, European parties tend to be more narrow in their political agendas, as they wish to appeal to specific interest groups; in a system with larger number of parties, the most successful political strategy seems to be to target specific interest groups, rather than go for larger broad-based appeal. Parliamentary systems generally work on the theory of proportional representation systems, where representation is relatively correlated with the amount of total vote that party received, so getting SOME vote will get a party SOME power. So parties tend to have a narrow political spectrum focus, which insure them at least a share of power.In the 2-party American system, the opposite strategy works best: attempt to appeal to the largest possible group of ideals, as getting into power requires the majority of any vote - failing to win a majority means your party gets NO political power. So, American parties tend to have opposing general philosophies which then morph into much larger sets, in an effort to attract voters from the political middle ground (ideologically-speaking). American parties thus have much "wider" ideologies than European parties.Also, as mentioned above, the actual ideals which the American major parties espouse do NOT fit well within the same-named European parties, for many cultural reasons. The American's view of Conservative vs Liberal is very, very different than the European view of the same terms.

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His political agenda was questionable.The political party was forcibly disbanded by the monarch for being too radical.There is a lot of political unrest in the Middle East.

What is another name for the middle of the political spectrum besides center centrist and moderate?

There are many names to describe the ever growing division in American politics. Midpoint voters is one way to label people at the middle of the political spectrum.

Is the US winning in the middle east?

Winning is a subjective term. The only thing worth winning in the middle east is the trust of the middle eastern people and stability of the region. That is the hope of the American taxpayers, but unfortunately that isn't necessarily the motive of the US government or other interested parties involved.

Where do Progressives place on the political spectrum?

Progressives were in the middle of the political spectrum

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