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To show their authority and their non-partisan stance (as they sit between the governing and opposing parties).

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Q: In the house of commons why does the Speaker sit in the middle?
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Where the Speaker and Lord Speaker sit?

the speaker sits in the middle

The House of Lords is which house of Parliament?

The House of Lords is also referred to as the 'Upper House' or 'Upper Chamber' of the Houses of Parliament. Which is comprised of two 'Houses'. Firstly the House of Lords, and secondly the House of Commons, or 'Lower House' or 'Lower chamber', and of the Queen in Parliament. The House of Commons is the Democratically elected Chamber, the House of Lords comprises of hereditary and life peers.

Can a member of the House of Representatives can sit on as many committees as he or she chooses?

false A+LS baby

What is the structure of UK's constitution?

Answer (If there are minor problems with the answer, you should note that I'm in Canada. Our systems are similar, but with some differences.) Quick answer: The Sovereign--The House of Lords--The House of Commons. It actually makes more sense to start with the Commons. Representatives from the entire country are elected to sit in the House. Normally these M.P.'s are members of one of the political parties (Labour, Conservative, etc.), though there are also independent members. If one party has an overall majority, the Queen invites its leader to form a government. In this the Queen simply confirms the wishes of the people. If there is no overall majority, the leader of a large party may be able to command enough support to govern, either informally with the support of minority parties or formally as part of a coalition. The Prime Minister selects several people, usually M.P.'s, to handle important departments These are known as the cabinet. Traditionally they are members of the governing party, but it is possible for others to be part of the cabinet if no party has an overall majority in the parliament. Other people are appointed to run the lesser departments and to assist in so doing. These people are often known informally as ministers. People can sit in the House of Lords in one of a few ways. The first is to inherit or be given a hereditary peerage and then get elected by your fellow hereditary peers. The second is to be given a life peerage by one of the political parties. The third is to be given a life peerage by the House of Lords Appointments Committee. The fourth is to become one of the 21 most senior bishops, or the Bishop of London, of Durham, of Winchester or the Archbishop of Canterbury or York. So long as the person is over 21, he or she can be a peer. They will have the position for life (unless they are a bishop or archbishop). Government is effected by the introduction of proposed laws called bills, which are debated and voted on by one House, then the other. The government usually introduces its main policy bills in the Commons. The details of the career of a bill are complex, but are summmarized well in the wikipedia article 'Acts of Parliament in the United Kingdom'. Once the bills are passed by both Houses, they are given to the sovereign for royal assent, though it should be noted that no bill has not been given royal assent since the early 1700's. Check out the Parliamentary website--they can give a lot more info than I can.

What is a sit down strike?

refusal to work or perform

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Where do MPs sit in the House of Commons?

The British House of Commons...In the British House of Commons, the house is split into two sides - left and right. Members of the Government's political party sit to the Speaker's right hand side, whilst MPs in the opposition party sit on the benches to the Speaker's left. The front bench of both sides is reserved for member of the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet.

Where does the minister sit in the house of commons?

On the right hand of the speaker on the front bench by the big table.

Where the Speaker and Lord Speaker sit?

the speaker sits in the middle

Where does the Speaker sit?

He/She sits in the middle

Who is 'in charge' of the parliament house?

Nobody is 'in charge'. Parliament is split up into two sections, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Lords regulate laws proposed by the Commons. The Commons is made up MP's, and the ones whose party are in power sit one side and the 'opposition' sit the other. The two sides debate and are kept in check by the Speaker, an apparently impartial member, and if anyone could be said to be 'in charge' it would be him/her, however they do not have any real power.

What are the 2 houses of the UK Parliament?

The house of commons - where the MPs sit in debate of various laws and other business... and the House of Lords- which represents the interests of the Monarchy.

Where does the Prime Minister sit in the House of Commons?

The Prime Minister usually sits on the front bench on the right-hand side of the Speaker in the House of Commons. This area is known as the government benches.

Is a dog allowed to sit in a house of commons?

no,it is not allowed only people are allowed

In the government where do the three main party leaders sit?

in the house of commons the the right side

How many lords sit in the house of lords Lords at one time?

how many women live in the house of commons?

What do the house of commons do?

The 'House of Commons' is the lower chamber of Parliament in both Canada and the United Kingdom. The House of Commons is directly elected and the Prime Minister is chosen from amongst its number. Members of the HoC are called MP's.

How many members of parliament are there in the united kingdom?

A total of 650 MP's currently sit in the House of Commons.