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clean up corrupt urban politics

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Q: Progressives launched the social purity movement to?
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Which group used the social purity movements of the 19th century?

The Social Purity Movement was active from the 1860's until 1910 and was intended to abolish prostitution. It was important to contemporary feminists and eugenics.

What accounts for the success of the prohibition movement in the US during the era of progressive reform?

Prohibition is an example of social engineering, a concept favored by Progressives.

What did progressives fight for?

Changes in social conditions

What did Progressives generally believe there should be?

Progressives wanted economic reform, and a more liberal social environment.

Where did Progressives want to see change occur?

In social conditions

Where did progressives want to see change?

In social conditions

Where did Progressives want change to occur?

In social conditions

What was the goal of the American progressives?

The progressives believed in social justice, reform, and modernism. It was not the goal of this group to go back to traditional ideas.

What was the belief many Progressives who followed Walter Rauschenbusch's social gospel program?

Christianity should be the basis of social reform.

What is Reactive social movement?

A social movement that resists some social change

How did the belief of progressives differ from those of social Darwinists?

Progressives believed in using government intervention to create social and economic reforms to improve society. Social Darwinists, on the other hand, believed in the idea of survival of the fittest and that government intervention would interfere with natural selection and the progress of society.

What are Progressives and Muckrakers?

Progressives were reformers who worked to improve social and political problems, begining in the late 1800s; Muckrakers were mostly progressives who exposed political corruption in big business through journalism in order to bring about reform.