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In social conditions

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In social conditions

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Q: Where did Progressives want to see change occur?
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Why do governments change in areas?

The public see that the government needs to change in order to be effective.

If we spin a bangle like top what shape to we see?

I am confused about what you want to know.

What two factors did progressives believe had caused the nation's social problems?

Capitalism and freedom's were the two reason's that progressive's use for a countries social problems.You see 'progressives' are socialist's and socialist's believe that capitalism is the root of all evil. Why? Because through capitalism people that work hard and have idea's are successful which put's distance between the creative and the non-productive. This 'distance' is used by progressives to explain that the 'wealthy' are stealing from the 'masses'.They attack freedom's, rights, by using phrases such as; racist, bigoted, homophobes, elite and others to separate the people in order for the people to believe that it would be alright to give up certain right's to stop the 'evil' people, which in fact are the people taking the right's away.It is extremely important for all people to do their own research on anything that has to do with their right's, abilities, and the law's that govern all. Just look back at what happened in Cuba, Uganda, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, China, Japan, N.Korea and Vietnam. Look at how each of these countries started to fall. You will see progressives and or socialist's behind each one. Better yet watch how Egypt unfolds now. The history of these other countries is going on right in front of you today.

Why was Cornwallis so careful with his papers?

because he did not want them to take his plans or see his plans

Why do children write letters to US presidents?

Why children write to the President:They want an autographThey want to see if they get an answerThey have an idea or complaint they want to address to the PresidentIt is a school assignmentThey want something to doTheir parents or teacher suggests it.

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Where did progressives want to see change?

In social conditions

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Why did the progressives want to see trust broken up?

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mohan das karamchand gandhi

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What is the Meaning of we must become the change we want to see?

Mahatma Gandhi said "You must be the change you want to see in the world."

How did progressiveism affect African Americans?

Despite their zeal for reform, few progressives made race relations a priority, and progressives often endorsed racist policies. - See more at:

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