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New Jersey plan. A+LS

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Q: Proposed a unicameral legislature with all states being equal?
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This document proposed a unicameral legislature with all states being equal.?

New Jersey Plan.

Which document proposed a unicameral legislature with all states being equal?

New Jersey Plan

Which of these plans proposed a unicameral legislature with all states being equal Virginia Plan Connecticut Compromise New Jersey Plan?

New Jersey plan because all of the smaller states wanted to be treated equal to the bigger states

What is the definition of Unicameral Parliament?

A unicameral (single house) versus bicameral (two house) parliament is dependent on the governance system of the individual nation. The United Kingdom and India for example have upper and lower houses of Parliament. The Israeli Knesset is a unicameral legislature in comparison.

What did the New Jersey compromise do?

There was no "New Jersey Compromise." It was named for Connecticut. The New Jersey Plan was an alternative representation plan for Congress as it was debated at the Constitutional Convention. Rather than a legislature based on population (the Virginia Plan), it proposed a unicameral legislature with each state being equal with a single representative. Under the "Great Compromise" or Connecticut Compromise, the New Jersey plan became the model for the Senate, and the Virginia Plan for the House of Representatives.

Have most states established bicameral congress?

All US states ... except Nebraska ... have a bicameral legislature; Nebraska decided in the 1930s that this was a waste of time and money, and amended their state constitution to a unicameral legislature (officially "the Nebraska Legislature", though its members are called "Senators") instead.Nebraksa's legislature is also unique among US states in being officially "nonpartisan" (each Senator is chosen in a general election with no preceding party primaries, though in practice each Senator does have a party affiliation, everyone knows what that party affiliation is, and in most cases even without a primary each of the political parties will endorse a particular candidate).

Who proposed the idea of states being represented by population in the house of representatives?

James Madison

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a unicameral legislature?

Unicameral is one house deciding its bills Nebraska state government is an example of an unicameral. Bills get through faster as no endless debate but fillibusters are common. Bills can be passed with simple majority yet one sided issues can be darlings and passed without discussion or recomendation of one house or another

What did the New Jersey plan advocate?

Some proposal's included in the New Jersey Plan were that the articles of confederation be amended, Congress could have authority to raise funds through tariffs, and Congress would elect two federal executives. The plan also gave Congress the right to collect taxes from states based on their population.

What is a bicomercial legislature?

You mean bicameral legislature, and it is a two house system of representation being the house of representatives (the number of representatives here are based on a states population) and the senate (in which every state gets two representatives).

What is a proposed law by the members of the legislature?

It is unclear what is being asked. Are you referring to "STATUTE LAW'? On the Federal and state level, such a law is often referred to as a "statute" or "legislation." On the local level, such a law may be referred to as an "ordinance." omg f off kills 666

Merits and demerits of a bicameral legislature?

The advantages of a bicameral or two-house legislature is that it allows for representation on a reasonably equitable footing for both large and small states. States with large populations are satisfied because the number of each state's representatives in the lower house, (House of Representatives) is determined by population, and the less populated states are generally satisfied because the number of representatives of the upper house (Senate) are equal, being set at two per state. The only state legislature that is unicameral is Nebraska I believe. A disadvantage of a bicameral Congress is evident is the recurrent gridlock seen in Congress. Even if the House is able to pass a law, the bill still has to make it through the polarized Senate. The issue of complacency among American voters that allows representatives to be continually re-elected year after year after year creating political dynasties in Congress.