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A unicameral (single house) versus bicameral (two house) parliament is dependent on the governance system of the individual nation. The United Kingdom and India for example have upper and lower houses of Parliament. The Israeli Knesset is a unicameral legislature in comparison.

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A unicameral parliament is a legislature consisting of one house. The most common alternative form is a bicameral parliament, where the legislature consists of two houses whose members are selected using somewhat different criteria. France is an example of a coutry with a unicameral parliament. The United Kingdom is an example of a bicameral parliament, the the houses being the House of Common (with members selected by popular vote) and the House of Lords (until recently, consisting of any member of the nobility who chose to attend).

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its a Parliament that uses two camels for its running around

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Q: What is the definition of Unicameral Parliament?
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What is the definition of bicameral and unicameral?

Having one (unicameral) or two (bicameral) rooms.

The British Parliament is a unicameral legislature true or false?


Did the second continental congress have a bicameral or a unicameral organization?

The definition of "unicameral" is one legislative house. The definition of "bicameral" is two legislative houses. The Second Continental Congress that was convened in Philadelphia consisted of one legislative house; therefore it was unicameral.

What is the practice of having only one chamber in a legislature or a parliament?

A parliament with only one house is called unicameral.

What kind of government is the English government?

The English Government is a Constitutional Monarchy with a bicameral (but functionally unicameral) Parliament.

What is the European parliament?

The European Parliament is the unicameral legislative body of the European Union. Representatives (MEP's)are directly eleced using the electoral system of each individual EU member state and sit in the parliament in political, NOT NATIONAL groupings.

Is Alberta bicameral or tricameral?

Alberta's Legislature, like those of all Canada's provinces and territories, is unicameral. Canada's Parliament is bicameral.

Is Greeces parliament bi-cameral?

No, Greece's parliament is unicameral, it use to be bi-cameral up until the civil war, where there was a referendum where people had to vote either for or against democracy. Democracy won it!

How is legislation passed in Queensland?

The Queensland parliament is unicameral, which means it has only one house, so the bill has to pass the house and then be assented to by the governor.

Why did Pennsylvania and Georgia choose a unicameral a unicameral legislature and a weak governor?

what is unicameral

Is china unicameral or bicameral?


What is the definition of an act of Parliament?

An Act of Parliament is a law enacted as primary legislation by a national or sub-national parliament.