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Proposed laws to authorize spending money are called appropriations bills.

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Appropriation bills

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Q: Proposed laws to authorize spending money are called?
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Congress has the power to authorize spending called?

can Congress spend money or does the President? ^whoever made that answer is an idiot

A proposed law that will involve spending the taxpayers money?

laws dont involve spending money. IMplementing them costs money.

A proposed law that will involve spending taxpayers money?

appropriation bill (nova net)

What is a proposed law to raise money called?


The congressional plan for spending money is called a?


What is the plan for rising and spending money called?


What was the first colony to authorize paper money?

The Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1690, they were called "Bills of Credit".

What term is defined as the national government spending more money than it takes in?

It is called deficit spending.

Government annual spending and the management of that money is called what?


What is called the spending left over budget money?

A Surplus

What branch can borrow money?

The Legislative Branch is the only part of the government that can authorize the borrowing of money. The Executive Branch can request the money be borrowed but cannot authorize it.

What is the bill called that gives approval for spending public money?

A Budget Approval