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Q: Government annual spending and the management of that money is called what?
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The total amount that a nation's government owes is called?

Debt. The amount the government spends, above and beyond incoming revenue is called a deficit. The accumulated annual deficit spending plus interest is the debt.

What is the approval of government spending called?


What is it called when government spending does not exceed it income?

Balanced budget

What term is defined as the national government spending more money than it takes in?

It is called deficit spending.

The Ferderal Government Plan for taxing and spending is called what?

The federal budget.

What is the government's plan for raising money and spending for a year called?

Deficit plan

When government spending and taxation influences the economy it is called?

it is known as fiscal policy

Kennedy called for an increase in which of the following to stimulate economic growth?

Government Spending

What is a plan in which the government cannot spend more money than it takes in called?

I'm sorry, I just know what term is used to define when a government IS spending more money that it takes in, it's called deficit spending.

What is the federal government's plans for raising money and spending for a year called?

Deficit plan

What is the theory that government spending and tax cuts can raise demand called?

for god sake

What was the name for Reagan's plan for tax and spending cuts?

Reagan's plan for tax and spending cuts was called Reaganomics, which aimed to stimulate economic growth through reducing government regulation, lowering tax rates, and cutting government spending.