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berlin baghdah

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Q: Railway route that conflicted with the interests of Great Britain and Russia?
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When was South Eastern Railway - Russia - created?

South Eastern Railway - Russia - was created in 1866.

What is the name of the railway that crosses Russia?

Trans-Siberian Railway

What countries belonged to the triple entente?

Britain, France and Russia were in the Triple entente.

Why do you think Russian leadership in the Pan Slavic movement affected its relations with Britain?

Russian leadership in the Pan Slavic movement caused tension with Britain because the movement aimed to unify Slavic peoples, including those under Ottoman control - a region Britain had interests in. This led to competition between Russia and Britain for influence in the Balkans, contributing to strained relations.

Which country has the longest range of railway lines?

Russia has the biggest longest range of railway lines.

What country does the tran Siberian railway cross?


What is the Train that crosses Russia?

The Trans Siberian Railway

What European nation formed the triple entente?

France, Britain and Russia

What three nation made up the Triple Entente?

The Triple Entente consisted of France, Russia and Great Britain

Why did Britain attack the western front?

Britain attacked western front as Germany threatened Russian and Britain had an agreement with Russia if someone attacks Russia , Britain has to back them up therefore because Germany threatened Russia , Britain has to back Russia up and join their army to attack The Triple Alliance.

What countries were included in the triple entente?

= triple entente: = *RUSSIA*GERMANY*FRANCE

What countries did Napoleon not manage to conquer?

Great Britain, Prussia, Russia and Austria.