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  1. new current issues in education in the Philippines
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Q: Reaction to current political issues in the relation with education and the Philippine cultural values?
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What are the institutional elements that support and promote Philippine cultural tourism?

obstacles to tourism education

When was Philippine Cultural College created?

Philippine Cultural College was created on 1923-06-27.

What continent are the Philippine Islands in?

Strictly speaking, the Philippines are not on or in any continent; they are islands. However, they are usually considered to be part of southeast Asia in a cultural and political sense.

Where is the Philippine Cultural And Historical Association in Hercules California located?

The address of the Philippine Cultural And Historical Association is: 2248 Lupine Road, Hercules, CA 94547

What is foreign education?

A foreign education means an education abroad and/or largely or wholly in a foreign language.

When was Cultural Education Center created?

Cultural Education Center was created in 1961.

What are the strength and weaknesses of the Philippine educational system today?

The strength of Philippine educational system today is that it integrates cultural values to the learning system. As for the weaknesses, the system is somewhat to demanding for the students and entails some courses that are not essential to the learners.

Where is the Philippine-American Cultural Society Inc in Murrieta California located?

The address of the Philippine-American Cultural Society Inc is: 40082 Tennyson Road, Murrieta, CA 92563-4363

Why is it important to study Philippines literature?

Studying Philippine literature provides insight into the diverse cultural heritage and historical experiences of the Filipino people. It helps to preserve and promote the unique stories, voices, and perspectives of Filipino writers, enhancing cultural identity and promoting cross-cultural understanding. Additionally, Philippine literature reflects the social, political, and economic issues that have shaped the country, making it a valuable tool for critical analysis and social commentary.

Why do you need to study the history of Philippine drama?

Studying the history of Philippine drama is important to understand the evolution of cultural narratives, societal values, and artistic expressions in the country. It provides insights into how drama has been used as a platform for social commentary, political resistance, and cultural identity formation. Additionally, studying the history of Philippine drama can help in appreciating the contributions of Filipino playwrights, actors, and directors to the local and global theater scene.

What are the Philippine cultural values?

Some key Philippine cultural values include respect for elders, strong family ties, hospitality, and bayanihan spirit (community cooperation and unity). These values shape social interactions, relationships, and daily life in Philippine society.

Political and cultural values are often separate true or false?

False. Political and cultural values are often interconnected and influence each other. Cultural values, beliefs, and norms can shape political ideologies and policies, while political decisions can also impact cultural practices and values within a society.