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People chose to be patriots so they weren't under the control of the king the rebels aka Patriots wanted to be free from him.

Well , actually , they thought that

  1. They didn't like his laws .
  2. He was unfair
  3. Taxes without representation is Taxation
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During the American Revolution, quite a few reasons for joining the Patriot cause were advanced by advocates of independence. Perhaps the most convincing at the time for many American colonists were the following two: independence would rid the towns and cities of the intrusive British military presence; it would also mean that Americans would no longer need to make a single tax-payment to the "tyrant across the sea. "

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Q: Reasons some chose the patriots side?
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During the Revolutionary War in America, colonists picked sides for a variety of reasons. Some chose one side or another out of loyalty to family or their local community. Some chose sides based on calculations as to who was most likely to win. Some chose sides based on value-commitments and political (and philosophical) ideas; for example, many patriots believed that large, insensitive, oppressive government was a basic evil that must be fought, even if the fight does not promise to be successful.

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