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The statue was made by Michelangelo.

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Q: Renaissance sculptor who produced the famous statue moses?
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What is the sculptor of David best known for?

While many Renaissance artists did sculptures of David, the well known statue in Florence is by Michelangelo who is famous for his work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling and wall.

Opera is to composer as statue is to?

Statue is to sculptor as opera is to composer

What are some Famous statues from the Renaissance?

By far the most famous Renaissance statue is the David by Michelangelo.

Which Biblical hero was the subject of this famous bronze statue by Florentine sculptor Donatello?


What was Michelangelo's style?

Michelangelo was primarily a sculptor (e.g. the David statue) during the High Renaissance, but he is also famous for his paintings in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

Who is the sculptor of statue of Ignatius J Reilly in New Orleans?

William Ludwig is the sculptor. The statue was completed in 1996.

Who was the famous greek sculptor?

I think it was Lysippos. He created the 40ft tall statue of Zeus. Zeus is the Greek god of all.

What is a statue maker called?


Who is the sculptor of the Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial?

Daniel Chester French designed the statue and the Piccirilli Brothers sculpted the final product with refinements added by French.

What was Augustus Saint Gaudens best known for?

Augustus Saint Gaudens is an Irish-born American and a famous sculptor. He is said to embody the ideals of the American Renaissance. Some of his works include Standing Lincoln, a statue of Abraham Lincoln which is prominently displayed in Lincoln Park.

Sculptor who fell in love with a statue that was then brought to life by Aphrodite?

The sculptor was named Pygmalion.

Which Florentine sculptor created the first free-standing nude statue in western Europe since classical times?

Donatello (born Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi) was an early Renaissance sculptor from Florence who created what is believed to be the first free-standing nude statue since classical times. Around 1430, the foremost art patron in the area, Cosimo de Medici, commissioned Donatello to create a bronze sculpture of the biblical king David. The statue that Donatello created from this commission is considered to be his most famous work.