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The Wade-Davis Bill

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Q: Required citizens to take oath before readmission as a state?
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What did a state have to do before entering the Union?


What state spent most time between readmission and redemption?

Louisiana and Florida

Are Illinois citizens required to pay income taxes?

Yes, Illinois has a state income tax.

How do you write a university letter for readmission?

i am trying to find out how to write a readmission letter to a high school i am trying to find out how to write a readmission letter to a high school i am trying to find out how to write a readmission letter to a high school

What are a citizens duties that are encouraged but not required?

Generally speaking, citizens in democratic nations are not required by law to vote or attend political rallies. They also are not required to provide information about their religion, or in fact state they have one or not.

What territory was required to place its state capital in Guthrie before it would be admitted as a state?


What change did the state want before they would approve the constitution?

Protection for citizens' rights(APEX)

What are all citizens 18 years and over required to do in Australia?

Vote. Australia has compulsory voting for federal, state and local elections.

How were senators chosen from a state before the 17th amendment?

They were chosen by the State Legislature instead of by a direct vote of the state's citizens.

How many counseling credit hours are required in the state of Kansas before taking the LPC exam?

In the state of Kansas, 60 graduate semester credit hours in counseling or a related field are required before taking the LPC exam.

Which Greek city-state required strict military training of its male citizens?

All Greek city-states required their citizens to be trained in warfare and attend monthly drills as a means of an environment of ongoing fighting between the cities. As Sparta had a serf population which provided for the citizens, they did not have to work the land for subsistence and so could afford to do the training continuously.

When was Citizens State Bank of Gillett created?

Citizens State Bank of Gillett was created in 1904.