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The entire process of casting off the Mongol rule took place between 1450 and 1480. Russia acquired the administrative skills needed to be independent from years of Mongol influence. It was this influence which helped create a Russia ready to reform its own government and begin expanding.

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Q: Russia achieved liberation from Mongol rule after?
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Who led the Mongols to Russia and conquered Kiev?

Dmitry Donskoy (1350-1389) was the Russian prince who defended Moscow against the Tatars in 1378, who nonetheless re-established their rule over Russia during his reign. It took another century, until 1480, for Muscovy to break the hold of the Mongols, doing so under the rule of Ivan III (father of Ivan the Terrible).

What country did the communist government of china pattern their country's development after?

The communist government of China patterned their country's development after Russia. The Chinese Communist party began its rule in 1949.

What are facts about Russia before 1917?

Russia before 1917 was at times a vast nation that covered the area between the Pacific Ocean and the Baltic Sea. many peoples other than Russians lived there. The history of Russia is fascinating. Important facts about it make for an amazing history. Historians begin the history of what the world now calls the Russian Federation in the 13th century. By the middle of that century, forces of the Mongol empire invade Russia and destroy its major cities. In that time period, a people known as Tartars establish the Golden empire in Southern Russia. From that point on the Russia most familiar to laymen begin to gauge and see the history of a more modern Russia. Therefore the next phase of Russian facts can be summarized by the following: * By the middle of the 16th century, Ivan the Terrible, conquers the Tartars, and established a kingdom of Russia; * At the end of the 16th century, Siberia is invaded by Cossacks; * At the beginning of the 17th century, a familiar historic name comes into play, the Romanov family; * In 1613, a group of Nobles confers the title of Tsar upon Michael Romanov. His family is to rule Russia to 1917; * During the years between the late 17th century and the early part of 18th century, Peter the Great begins a reformation in order to model Russia in line with the Western European Powers; * Between 1772 and 1814, Russian armies acquire the well known Crimea, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus among other areas such as part of Poland; * During this approximate time period, Russia becomes involved with the Western European wars with Napoleonic France; * Napoleon's invasion of Russia is repulsed in 1812; * At the time of the beginning of the US Civil War, Russia ends serfdom and a period of modernization begins; * Near the end of the 19th century Russia has a war with Turkey; * In the first few years of the 20th century Japan defeats Russia in the Russo -Japanese War; * Russia enters WW I in 1914 on the side of the Allies led by Great Britain and France; and * In 1917, the Tsar is overthrown by a provisional government, then however, this regime is overthrown by the Bolsheviks ( Communists ) and as per a deal with Germany, Russia pulls out of WWI.

What was Putins solution about how to best administrate the various political divisions throughout Russia?

Putin thought it was best to subjugate them, control them through force, to act upon tyranny, and to enforce hard rule. Non-Democratic principles were Putin's solution, even though controversial.

What is the opposite of minority rule?

Majority rule

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What event Marks Russia liberation from mongol rule?

Ivan III refused to pay Mongol tribute im 1480 A.D.

When did russia achieve liberation from mongol rule?

The Mongol Empire broke down into many territories under semi-independent or independent rulers who waged war against each other. It was the time for Muscovite Russia to use the opportunity. you're welcome ;)

Who overthrew mongol rule in Russia?

There was not one individual or group that overthrew Mongol rule in Russia. Instead, the Mongol empire died out instead of being overthrown.

What happened to russia after mongol rule?


What did mongol rule do to Russia?

it basically centralized it's government

How Did a tradition of absolute rule develop in russia'?

mongol invasion

How did a tradition of absolute rule developing Russia?

mongol invasion

How did tradition of absolute rule develop in russia?

mongol invasion

What Russian leader broke free from the Mongol rule?

Ivan III of Moscow finally broke Mongol rule over Russia in 1480

What were some effects of mongol rule on russia?

Mongol got a 60% increase in their economic money value.

What were some effects on mongol rule on Russia?

Mongol got a 60% increase in their economic money value.

How did Constantinople's position contribute to Mongol rule over Russia?

Ball sack